About Us

Kaszpi-Trade Holding has more than 15 years of experience in constructing of oil industry facilities. Inter alia, since 1993 we have been actively involved in the development of Tengiz Oil Field (clients: Chevron, Tengizchevroil), since 1995 we have been working in Astrakhan (client: Gazprom), between 1999 and 2002 we took part in construction of the Tengiz – Novorossiysk oil pipeline (client: Caspian Pipeline Consortium), since 2004 we have been building facilities to receive crude oil and gas gained from the sea-bed of the Caspian Sea (client: Agip).
Since 2000 the major focus of our activities has been on implementing of health projects. This means the construction of medical facilities on a turnkey basis, including design, construction and installation works, fitting out with medical equipment and if necessary financing the project.