Integrated projects

  A new level of executing the integrated projects: implementation of all required functions within a single company under common management, under the sole responsibility. All functions through one company with one responsability.
  The result:
         - Convenient and transparent for the Client who gets an effective tool for project monitoring
         - Convenient and transparent for the Contractor who gets an effective tool for organizing the production
         - Convenient and transparent as a result of undivided responsibility throughout the project
         - A convenient and effective tool against the increased cost of the project as a result of uncoordinated actions of the project participants (designers, builders, equipment suppliers, etc.)
         - A convenient and effective tool for uniform enforcement of the guarantee liabilities
The principle of an integrated approach in our understanding

Organisation of financing: export financing
         - Hungarian National Program on financing of investment projects
         - Legal basis: Cooperation agreement between Hungary and Russia
  This type of financing:
         - Is issued for both private and state projects
         - Maximum subsidy 85%
         - Less than 5% interest per annum
         - Repayment within  5-8 years after handover, usually in equal installments
  For state (and municipal) contracts:
         - No additional collateral is required
         - This kind of funding is not a credit agreement but a general contract with deferred payment
  In case of the private sector
         - Russian commercial bank guarantee is required
         - Company's own resource: at least 15% of the contrat value
         - General contract
         - Elaboration of full documentation
         - Obtaining the required special authorities' approvals and expertise
         - Designer's supervision
EPC Construction
         - Turnkey, including commissioning
Equipping of facilities
Engineer service
         - Mostly for projects with complex technology